My Next Job


I left my last job a few weeks back and it's high time to look for a new one. If you're working on something interesting and think I could help, let me know!

It's nice to not have a day job while looking for another. I was lucky enough to do this once before in 2012 which turned out great. I learned then that time and flexibility lets you talk to lots of friends and learn about a breadth of projects. I found a fun project in a new domain (online education), something I doubt I'd have found the normal way.

Maybe I'll get lucky again.

Enough small talk, what am I looking for?

I'm looking for some flavor of line manager. I'm a good senior manager and code-every-day engineer; but I'm exceptional leading a team and running a project. That's what line managers do: lead engineers, not other managers or departments or matrix-anything. Also, if you're some kind of executive then coding is an indulgence, and I'd rather it just be part of my job. Mostly I'm talking to small companies, say 10-100 people (fun-size).

I want to build on my experience. I know infrastructure and cloud, SaaS and enterprise, and online education. I'm probably not the best person for your storage, security, gaming, e-commerce, or cryptocurrency company. I want to stay working on Internet technology. I like the (micro)services model. For my own projects I choose Python, JavaScript (frontend and backend), and Java. I know web operations, especially the Amazon stack.

Location is important: I don't want to do a daily Menlo Park to San Francisco round-trip. I'd like to work with friends if possible. And I want to do something worthwhile.

You can always get to my resume from the header here, or via this short link. I'm open to a bunch of things, just no kick boxing. Let's have coffee/drink or take a walk.


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