Feedback Without Tips

Tip O'Neill

I really don't like tipping. I'm not like Mr. Pink. It's not that I don't want my server or driver to get something extra. I just don't like the awkward social situation of deciding if this is a tipping situation, and if so, how much.

Two services have come up recently where I will happily pay a premium to not have to fret about too much or too little:

  • Uber. Lots to like about this service but the act of just leaving out of my cab without paying is joyful. I always rate my drivers, good or bad. 98% of the time, it's good by the way.

  • OrderAhead. Are you supposed to tip when picking up takeout from a restaurant? I've never known. Neither way feels right, so I usually end up splitting the difference and rounding up to some amount, say leaving a 6% tip, which is the worst choice. Either that's 6% that wasn't expected, or I'm inadvertently shafting someone.

Both of these services decouple feedback from money. Both avoid awkwardly changing money. I'd definitely pay a premium for that.

I wonder what other service business would benefit from decoupling feedback from money?


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