I wrote my first computer program when I was twelve years old on an Apple //e. It was a simple robots game handwritten 6502 assembly. It took all summer to write. That's when I caught the programming bug and I've still got it. Still it's a good day when I get to write some code.

Sef in baseball hat

At some point I wanted to have an impact beyond just my own two hands so I became an engineering manager. I went from line managing engineers (fun) to managing managers (harder) to being VP Engineering and/or Operations (less fun). While I can do the bigger job, I've been tending to do more hands-on work lately.

I used to be purely a backend guy -- distributed systems, scalability, operations. As I've gotten further along I've moved further and further up the stack and lately have been spending more time with client frameworks and mobile. Those spaces are technically interesting now and you can have a big impact you can see. And there is so much great backend stuff that you can just buy now! But that doesn't mean that I don't like getting my hands into ops. In particular I've spent a fair bit of time in the Amazon Web Services stack and know my way around there pretty well.

In addition I'm a father of two great girls and enjoy card and board games. I'm on the Board of Directors at Peninsula School.

Links To More "Me" Stuff

My GPG key: 4C79 48F2 2057 0647 D573 937B AFD1 2F02 88AC 23B2

I've done some stuff on GitHub but haven't been very active there lately.

I maintained my resume as hard-coded simple HTML. It's formatted the way you would format something back in 1998: just barely css, tables with colspans / divs only for formatting, etc. I use make to generate a PDF version. Yes, I know, kind of clunky.

Check out the Tools page to see how this site is built and my day-to-day toolchain.